It's Monday again, and that means...

It's time to post my weigh in results.

So, today sees me at -0.3kg or -0.6lb compared to last week.
Total loss so far: 4.6 kg or 10 lb.

Not a great result this week, but I figure a loss is a loss is not a gain, right? lol.
And I know exactly why I didn't lose more, having gone 26 points over allowance and only 10 activity points to compensate...

Given the fact it was New Year's Eve (3 glasses of champagne, a glass of wine and 4 different mini-desserts) that caused the biggest damage, I can safely assume I will have no problem getting back on track this week.

I'm actually really pleased with my results so far. I can't wait to get to my 10% goal as I know how important that is for my health, and also I'm hoping that by then I'll have dropped a size in clothes.

Hope everyone else has a good week... good luck to all with weigh in.


boredeasily said...

Well done for shedding some more weight, even after NYE! That's very impressive! :)

I've gone the opposite way and put on 0.6kg instead...but I'm not surprised, and I'm actually looking forward to getting back in to the healthy eating again!

x-Sammie-x said...

Well Done on the loss, that is my way of thinking least we have not gained :-)

wildeone said...

Well done and a good way to start the new year!

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