Where is my head?

Pre-holiday departure frenzy on top of the usual inability I have to manage anything in my life is making it difficult to take care of all the things that should be on my to do list, were I to actually have taken the time to write a to do list.

As it is, I wake up in the middle of the night and start listing all the things I need to do (in my head), before falling back to sleep, ignoring my alarm clock, waking up an hour late and rushing through the rest of the day in pursuit of my employer's eternal gratitude.

Well, in 8 days it will irrevocably be too late to do any of the things I need to do, as I will be 10,000 feet up in the air, on my way to Hong Kong.

I am so unprepared it should be frightening. But my mind seems incapable of addressing the issue, so I'm just plodding along, blissfully unaware of the slowly building drama.

Road Trip through France - The Fab Four!

Inspiring pic of us girls in the South of France! Thanks Anne!

Road Trip through France - Provence Day Trip 2

Trip 2 - Total distance: 260 km.

Grasse, Gourdon, le Saut du Loup, Saint-Paul de Vence, Antibes, Cannes.

Grasse is known as the "Perfume Capital of the World". It produces over two-thirds of France's natural aromas (for perfume and for food flavourings)!

A street in Grasse

Gourdon is a beautiful little town on a hilltop. It has its own naturally perfumed spring. It's a village of handicrafts, with Glass artists, Glass blowers, Painters on Silk and Enamel, Creators of perfumes, toiletry products and soaps. Perfect to stock up on souvenirs and presents.


A perfect spot for a picnic would be along the Loup river...

In the valley below Gourdon is the Saut du Loup, a pittoresque waterfall on the Loup river.

Saint-Paul de Vence is home to many artists due to the extraordinary quality of the light.

Saint-Paul de Vence

Time to head down to the coast for some cocktails and exciting nightlife... Antibes or Cannes? I'm not picky :)

More millionaires for Jean to choose from...


The Port du Suquet in Cannes

And of course the famous Croisette, where the Stars come out at night...

Road Trip through France - Provence Day Trip 1

There are so many places I would like to go back to in the South of France. I am going to try to put together some itineraries for day trips in the region.

Trip 1 - Total distance: 350 km.

Aix-en-Provence, Salon de Provence, Arles, Les Baux de Provence.

The Sainte Victoire mountain next to Aix en Provence

The arena at Arles

The Baux de Provence at night

I would love to make it over to Sète and the Cap d'Agde, but I think that will be too far for one day.

Perhaps we could drive down to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer though, and see the beautiful Camargue horses.

Road Trip through France - Preparations and itinerary

Another 6 weeks to go till our road trip hits the road!

Day 1

The plan is to leave Brussels and pick Diana up in CDG airport. Her flight arrives in at 8 a.m, so I'm in for an early start!!

We'll drive down towards Lyon where we'll spend the night. I'd like to stop on the way there, I was thinking in Beaune, for lunch and to stock up on red wine!!
Our hotel is right in the centre of Lyon, just next to the Tête d'Or Park which I remember visiting and absolutely loved.

It includes a zoo with over 1000 animals, botanical gardens and 4 rose gardens.

Day 2

After indulging in the hotel's buffet breakfast, we'll drive onwards to Provence where I've rented a house for a week. Stopping in Avignon to show off the sights to Diana and because we always stopped in Avignon on the way to the South of France when I was a kid.

The pont d'Avignon

I hope we can also make the short detour to the Pont du Gard... or perhaps keep it for the trip back up.

The Pont du Gard

The house we'll be staying in the first week

Day 3

Hoping to get out of bed in time to explore the local market and fix lunch before picking Anne and Jean up from the airport in Toulon.

Perhaps we can spend the afternoon in the Lavandou and have a nice meal there, by the sea, before heading on to Saint-Tropez for some very expensive cocktails in the harbour. We can also go looking for a gentleman millionaire for Jean on the boats...

The impressive boats in the harbour of Saint-Tropez

Day 4 - Day 7
Indulging in the French lifestyle, including croissants, wine, sieste.

Places I'd like to go back to with the girls:

The Gorges du Verdon



Finally finding the way back to the airport so Anne and Jean can escape the madness!

Day 8
More sightseeing...

Day 9
Leave early morning and head up to the Loire, passing by Valence.

Day 10-11
La vie de château



Day 12
Arrive in Paris! Eiffel tower and Montmartre...

I found a lovely hotel, in Montmartre, perfect to visit the Sacré Coeur, the red light district and the Père Lachaise Cemetary which I am sure Diana will love.

Day 13
Continue sightseeing in Paris: Musée d'Orsay, Louvre...
Try to find that cool restaurant near the avenue de la République where I had dinner all those years ago.

Day 14
See Diana safely off from CDG and make my way back to Brussels...