Adding some colour to my life

Spring is in the air - well, actually, the weather's crap, but at least the days are getting longer - so I decided it was time to brighten up my blog and play around with a new colour scheme. What do you think? I like it, minty fresh and summery :)

The header picture was taken while I was lying in a park in Oslo last June and reminds me of the freedom I felt and sense of peace, so it's a very soothing image for me :)

I also finally fixed my blog post from a while ago with my before pictures on it. The text and images wouldn't align the way I wanted them to, so I solved the problem using a table. Then discovered blogger does some weird stuff when you use tables, adding a massive white space in front of it. Aaaaarg! Luckily I found this blog post about the problem and the code fixed it. I replaced all the line breaks in the text with paragraph breaks and with a bit of tweaking it finally looks decent - well, on my computer at least!

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