Week 24 WI

Cringe, cringe, cringe... I almost didn't write this post, but then I suppose I have to face facts.
So, here goes...

I gained 2.2 lbs/ 1 kg this week.

I am not a happy bunny and I have no one to blame but myself.

So I have just put back on the result of 5 weeks' effort. And although I can acknowledge that I made some very bad choices this week (a pub quiz on Monday evening with 4 beers and chips, cheddar and garlic mayo, for example) and have not been exercising at all, I am still really disappointed because I know I am still a hell of a lot healthier than I was 6 months ago.

Also, I have been on WW for almost half a year now and have *only* lost (not even) 11 kg / 24 lbs. I am feeling discouraged to say the least.

Yesterday I think I didn't do too bad, but I ate out lunch and evening, so hard to know if I pointed correctly. And I'm just getting bored of the whole pointing thing anyway... I just want to be able to eat without thinking about it. This whole food relationship thing is a real curse and I just don't want to have to deal with it for the rest of my life :(

Well, that's enough whining from me for one day... Butt kickings welcome.

Week 22 & 23 WI

I really need to update my blog a little more regularly, lol!
Last week I stayed the same, so didn't post - again - and this week lost 0.5 kg/1.1 lbs, getting me my 25 lbs star :-)
I'm glad I'm losing, but it's all going a little too slow for me... even though I prefer slow and steady than yoyo down and straight back up.

The reasons I haven't been losing at a great pace are
a) I'm not doing enough (any) exercise
b) I'm "treating" myself a bit too often
c) I'm being more lenient on the wine and alcohol front - too many celebrations, including my birthday this week

Having said that, I know I should be making promises to run 15 miles a day and never touch a drop of alcohol again, but I won't cause that really isn't realistic.
Instead, I want to try and keep making healthier choices as I noticed this week just how much my body is influenced by what I eat: pasta, bread, alcohol and anything sugary really send me into a downward spiral of eating crap, so I will be avoiding them as much as possible from now on.

Anyway, enough ramblings, here are the results so far:
Loss this week: -0.5 kg / -1.1 lbs
Total loss: -11.8 kg / -26 lbs

Good luck everyone, I saw some fantastic results on other people's posts :-)

Week 20 & 21 WI and a NSV

Well, I stayed the same last week, so didn't even bother to post as I've been really busy with getting my business started up. This week I lost a little under a pound, so not great, but I went a whole 25 points over this week, so I am actually quite happy with that.
Starting up the business and getting used to this new rhythm of working from home has been a bit stressful, so I think that's influenced my eating. Getting it all under control again, planning healthy meals this week with lots of veg and hope I'll be back on track in no time :)

So, the results so far are:
Loss this week: -0.4 kg / -0.9 lbs
Total loss so far: - 11.3 kg / -24.9 lbs

Oh, I wonder if they give a star for 25 lbs lost??? That should be next week then :)

Hope everyone else is doing well!

Oh, and a bit of a NSV for me this week as I fit into a pair of size 18 trousers!!! Although they're in some kind of stretchy velvet material and I probably can't fit into any of the other 18's I have piled in my wardrobe, but I'll get there eventually :)