New life right around the corner

As of next week and for the next 2 months I will be working part-time. Woohoo!

The plan was initially to work January then take February as unpaid leave and so arrive at the end of my contract with my current employer, but I hardly have any work (amazing when I think back to the horrendous busyness of the past 2 years) and am bored stiff, so I proposed this new arrangement to my boss who agreed.

I see it as a win-win, as he isn't paying me to sit around all day doing nothing and has an extra month to find a replacement, and I have "me"-time starting Monday instead of having to wait another month. I also get to keep using my car for an extra month and all the other work-related benefits such as cell phone and laptop.

I want to use the free time to look for new opportunities, whether job-wise or study-wise, as well as to take more care of myself, cooking proper meals, exercising and maybe even getting a haircut, lol.

Speaking of new career opportunities, I saw an ad for freelance trainers today, to teach English to various groups of people, mainly professionals. The hours are variable and you can basically compose your own schedule apparently. Of course, they ask for experience and/or a diploma related to teaching, which I lack, but I want to contact them and see if there is a possibility to follow training courses through them.

Frustratingly, the only recognised studies that really seem relevant to what I think I want to do involve going back to university for 5 years, and I'm just not sure about that level of commitment. Something I need to think hard about over the next weeks and months.

I'm curious as to what part-time work is going to feel like. I have the feeling it's going to be great, having all that extra time, and I'm hoping I can find a way to integrate more me-time in whatever the future holds for me :)


Girl...x said...

Good luck to you. I decided 3 years ago to give up work to go back to university to go teaching. I am in my final year of studying History but I need to complete a 4th year to get my teaching qualification. It is worth all the time and money believe me. I have met some great new friends and have improved my CV by great amounts.

Whatever you decide, I am sure you will make the right decision that makes you happy.

Sara said...

Wow! Thanks for the encouragement and well done on your 3 years!
I must admit, every time I think about going back to uni, it almost feels decadent... like I'd be playing hooky on my "adult" life, lol!

But now I'm going to have some more time, I'm definitely going to make an appointment with a uni counselor and discuss it with them.

Fat4Now said...

Happy New Year
gl gl for 09 :)

boredeasily said...

Good luck with figuring out what your next challenge will be! If you have any pointers on how to reach a decision let me know ;) (I've tried figuring this out for the past 4 years) I recognise the going-back-to-uni thoughts - 5 years seems like a long time when you've got used to making money, doesn't it! But as the previous comment says if you find the right thing then surely it will be worth it. We've only got one life, this is not a drill...

L4urax23 said...

Sara thankyou for my comments on this morning mishap re facebook! they really REALLY helped... thankyou! and good luck on your journey too xxxx

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