Family time

We're spending a couple of weeks in France for the moment. I've banned the word "holidays" from my vocabulary and replaced it with "family time". With two kids to entertain and discipline, meals to make and dishes and dirty clothes to take care of, there's nothing really holiday-like about the whole experience. 

I love my two boys to bits, they're bright and funny. And inquisitive and full of energy. And noisy and messy. 

Having said that, Monday mornings have a new, sweet appeal to them. Aaaah, work! Time to sit down for a coffee without hearing "Jack wants milk!". Toilets with doors that lock (no little people sitting on your lap while you go!). Phone conversations uninterrupted by cries of "Muh-meeeee!".

But for now it's time to go out on our next adventure, the pink fairies are making it difficult for me to write any more....