I'm going to London, baby!

So I just got off the phone from my interview with the teaching school I applied to in London, and the interview went well and the woman I spoke to said she would be happy to offer me a place on the course!

I do realise they're probably not all that picky about who they take on... I mean, they hold something like 50 courses a year, with 20 students per course, so they're obviously not super selective, but still, I'm really chuffed to know I can do it.

Just need to sort out the details now, but this means I should be going to London in March for about 5 weeks :)

It's a strange feeling actually, knowing that my routine world is going to be disrupted like that... I'm a creature of habit really, and going to live somewhere else for a month is quite exciting and a bit scary to be honest.

I am really looking forward to spending time in London, as I have been there on several occasions but have never gotten to know it as more than just a tourist. And I've got quite a few friends there, so no doubt I'll have a busy social life too!


Shaz said...

Well done and I am sure you will have a fantastic time in London, Baby!! lol


Barbara Sher said...

I see you listed my book, What Do I Do When I Want To Do Everything? so when you get to London, look up the Scanner Meetup Group - a great bunch of people, led by someone who was at my Scanner retreat in Greece in 07. They sound like a great bunch of people and will surely welcome you. Here's his blog: http://scannerinterviews.blogspot.com/

Here's his site: "Barbara, I'm now throwing monthly Scanners Nights for free which are going really well - we got 50 at the last one:

I haven't been to London for awhile so I haven't attended, but I know John, so I know they're fun.

Good luck!

Barbara Sher

Barbara Sher

Sara said...

Wow! Thank you so much for your comment and the tip! And I'm quite excited to have a famous author comment on my blog! You've made my day :)

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