"Before" picture selection

Choosing "before" pictures is a significant event, for me at least.
It means I have enough faith in myself to believe I am going to lose the weight.
Because posting "before" pictures and never getting down to a weight where it's worth posting "after" pictures, well that would just be lame...

So here is my selection of "before" pictures:

Our wedding, July 19th 2008.

When Bart asked me to marry him on November 29th 2007, I of course vowed to lose weight before the wedding.

But as the weeks and months went by, I could only observe that nothing was happening... work was more than hectic and I was eating irregularly and badly, and de-stressing with alcohol and treats in the evenings.

I decided in the end to not let it get to me, and resigned myself to be a bride at the heaviest I'd ever weighed (16st4). I did however vow to have the wedding pictures redone should I ever lose the weight.

August 30th 2008, in town with my lovely sister.

My sister is a beautiful girl. She's tall and slim. It wasn't always like that though and she has battled with her weight several times before.

She's now a fitness freak and can be found at the gym 7 days a week. She also has a really strange diet, which I'm not sure is very balanced, but it seems to work for her.

She lives with us for the moment, and being around her all the time can make me feel quite fat, old and ugly, but I love her to bits :)

November-December 2008, on our honeymoon in RĂ©union and Mauritius.

After an already perfect wedding, we had an absolutely blissful honeymoon last month. That wouldn't have been possible without the help of all our friends and family who put money into our honeymoon account, and I was thrilled we were going to be able to indulge in a real tropical paradise :)

I am always apprehensive about holidays. I absolutely love travelling, and get a real kick out of planning and organising everything, but one thing that can get me down is the prospect of showing more flesh than I'm comfortable with when we go somewhere hot... so I always choose clothes that cover me up as much as possible.

Of course, I usually feel like a clown, with my long trousers and long-sleeve tops when everyone else is sauntering around in skimpy bikinis. But I try not to let it get to me, and only occasionally let myself feel defeated by it.

The other reason the holidays confront me with my weight is that I am so limited in the activities I can do. I would love to go diving, climbing, abseiling, canyonning and horse-riding, but I am usually either too unfit or it would require me fitting into gear that isn't made for someone my size. So I save myself the embarrassment either way and just don't do all these things. I keep thinking "I'll do them when I'm fit and slim", but at age 30 I'm starting to wonder if by the time that happens I won't be too damn old!

Finally, the thing that can really bum me out with holidays is the flight... for the past 2 years I cringe just at the idea of having to sit in a plane seat... especially when it involves a 12-hour flight.

I mean, seriously, I know my ass has gotten bigger, but I am also persuaded airplane seats are forever getting smaller!

In any case, it is another reminder of how my weight hinders me and another very good reason to get rid of the excess baggage!

But these holidays were a blessing, and eating lots of fruit and veg every day, drinking less and feeling altogether happier and more relaxed was what inspired me to join WW when I got home. I joined the very next day, with a starting weight of 16st 9lb and so far things are going good :)

So that's it for my "before" pictures. I hope that by the end of February I'll have lost enough to be able to see the difference and post some "progress pics" :)


Hayley AKA Cup-cake on WW forums. said...

Good luck with your weight loss and can't wait to see your "progress" pics in february x

Joy said...

You look beautiful, a really lovely bride. I'd never have guessed you weighed the same as me in my top weight pics! Looking forward to following your journey to a healthier, but still gorgeous, you. =)

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