Week 6 WI

My scales were not cooperating this morning, and I had to weigh myself 4 times before I got a steady result, but here it is:
Week 6 loss: -0.8kg / -1.8lb
Total loss: -6.5kg / -14.3lb

I got my 2nd silver 7, so have lost my first stone, and am in the 90's in kg :)

Some goals for this week:
- lose 0.7kg / 1.5lb
- exercise on the bike 3 x 45 minutes
- not more than 2 glasses of wine this week!


Shaz said...

Well done on your loss so far!

Keep up the good work.


x-Sammie-x said...

Yayyy well done!!! xxx

Mandy said...

Well done hun, keep it going :O) xox

Michelle said...

Well done!!! I can't wait to be in the 90kg's too!

Good luck with your goals but don't be too hard on yourself if the wine glasses amount to more than 2 - after all we only live once ;-)

Oh the WW points in the book for that recipe were 5 per wrap but mine is less, if you use 2 wraps and 1 chicken breast per person then its around 7 - 8 points for 2 wraps (if you have really low fat yoghurt!)

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