Blood test results are back!!

And the good, no, the GREAT news is that I don't have diabetes (blood sugar 0.89 g/l, so not even pre-diabetic).
Equally good news is that my cholesterol is under the recommended limit (total cholesterol 1.6 g/l, well under the 2.4 limit), although I should up my "good" cholesterol a little.

I'm waiting for the doctor to call me with his interpretation of all the other results, but these two things to me are such good news!

I would have been so, so angry at myself if the results had been bad. I know I'm finally doing what I should have done all along, losing the weight and eating more healthily, but I had imagined the worst about the damage I may have already done to my health.

I'm pretty sure these good results have something to do with the huge amounts of garlic I consume, lol!

Well, just to say, it's a big relief and it has motivated me even more to take care of my body properly from now on.

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x-Sammie-x said...

Oh that is good news! Nothing like a health scare to give us a good shake up though eh?!

Wising you lots of luck on the plan and a healthy future :-)

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