Life with two wee men (and a big one)

Since last time I wrote, we've welcomed Lucas into our little family and all in all life has been good.

My second little man was born on February 11th 2012, a day before the estimated term, just like his brother. Unlike his brother, it was the middle of winter, -10° outside and I'd been having contractions every 8 minutes for the past 24 hours. I called the hospital asking if I shouldn't come in and the midwife suggested I take a bath. Luckily I decided to call my sister to come and babysit Jack, saying we were leaving for the hospital after the bath, no matter what. That was at 7.22 a.m. on that Saturday morning. Exactly 2 hours later, at 9.22 a.m., Lucas was born, after a blitz delivery, just 25 minutes after arriving at the hospital.

Since then he's been a real ray of sunshine (I write, as he wakes up crying from his nap...)