Last night at dinner, a friend who has recently been promoted to head of marketing was explaining how she wanted to get rid of their current ad agency and how she would prefer to work directly with freelancers, but didn't have the time to do all the extra coordination.

Me being me, I didn't even blink at the time, and it was only several hours later, at around 1.30 a.m., lying in bed, that I realised I might have the perfect solution for her: I could coordinate her ad campaigns for her! Bart already has his company he uses for his freelance copywriting business, and I am after all an Account Manager, perfectly capable of managing my own clients!

I was so excited at the idea, I shared it with Bart and obviously neither of us could sleep after that. I immediately sent my friend an email, and she replied today, extremely enthusiastic!

So now I'm of course completely snowballing the whole idea, and thinking I could easily find 2 or 3 such clients and basically handle all their advertising needs. I have experience in enough different types of projects to pull it off... and we'd have a serious competitive edge, because as freelancers we ask for a lot less than ad agencies' normal rates. Of course we wouldn't be doing huge national campaigns, more like sales folders, maybe some mailings, brochures, etc... stuff the traditional agencies turn their noses up at most of the time.

So, anyway, I sat down this morning and decided to put all my ideas and options on paper. I used the mind mapping technique and thought the result was pretty neat:

I think a scenario is starting to form in my mind, but I need to let it sink in for a while... But I'm really excited!!

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