Week 38 WI

Soooooo sloooooooowww.... I feel like I'm losing weight in slow motion.

Results so far:
Loss this week: -0.3 kg / -0.7 lbs
Total loss: -13.8 kg / -30.4 lbs

Okay, I'm feeling quite crap about how slowly this is going, so I'm going to force myself to look at the bright side:
* I've lost over 30 lbs! 13% of my body weight is gone :)
* I'm 1/3 of the way there!
* I'm eating more healthily, taking in about 1/3 of the calories I used to and feeling so much healthier and more energetic.
* I've cut waaay down on alcohol, crisps, sweets and biscuits.
* I almost never have cravings anymore, and haven't had a full-blown binge in several months. I make better choices and when I don't I manage to stop the downward spiral before it gets out of control.
* I'm slowly picking up sports and feeling good about it.
* My body doesn't hurt anymore when I get up in the morning, my knees hurt a lot less, my back is improving, and I'm sure there are other improvements I can't see.
* I've gone down 3 clothes sizes, I can actually buy clothes from regular stores again.
* When I go somewhere, I don't feel *huge* anymore, just a bit overweight (okay, my BMI still reads obese, small detail).
* I've probably added a few years to my life and am on my way to being a healthy weight to have babies and other such things ;-)

Okay, so I guess a slow loss isn't too bad. As long as it's going down and staying down and I'm learning a whole new healthy way of living, it's all good :-)

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