Everything I shouldn't have eaten today but did...

It's been a very long time since I've had a day like today. I was helping a friend move into her new apartment, and she made spaghetti for lunch and got delivery pizza for dinner. The only thing I can hope is that all the lifting and carrying and running up and down stairs used up some calories, because I am going to need all the help I can get to counter the damage:

Breakfast (3.5 pts):
2 Weetabix + semi-skimmed milk

Snack (4 pts):
1 Balisto
1 Prince biscuit

Lunch (12.5 pts):
1/4 bag Doritos nacho cheese
Spaghetti bolognaise
Grated cheese

Dinner (18.5 pts):
1 Pizza Hut garlic bread
3 slices ham & mushroom Italian pizza
2 glasses red wine

And to top things off, the 3 large glasses of Pepsi Max I had may have actually been regular Pepsi.
I feel slightly sick. Ugh.

I have no hopes whatsoever for weigh in this week. I fully expect a gain and am really diappointed.

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lanabanana24 said...

oooppps.. That's just one of those days..

It made me laugh a wee bit- My weekend tracker sometimes starts like that...

Breakfast- 2weetibix & semi skimmed milk..... :) :)

Dont be too down about it- I know I was ranting about alcohol on mine but food doesn't seem to alter weight as much as the alcohol. 1 day out of 7 you went a wee bit mad- I don't believe our bodies are that finely tuned that you will suddenly gain 'fat' from eating what you did...

Claw back a bit over the next few days. You'll prob just stay the same this week.xx

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