Week 37 WI

And I didn't budge an ounce.

I guess I have absolutely no leeway on this diet. I didn't do much exercise last week (badminton and some walking) and I used up all my points (but didn't go over), and nothing, nada, ziltch.

After last week's disappointing loss (loads of exercise and didn't use all my points), I'm beginning to think I'm really not meant to lose weight, at least not at any encouraging pace.

So I am mentally preparing myself to increase the effort I put into this. Saturday I am going to start a "Start to Run" programme with a friend. I am slightly apprehensive, to say the least...

No alcohol last week (2 weeks in a row!), but last night I had a couple of glasses of wine, so I haven't completely given up booze ;)

Oh well, back to being a good little weight watcher today so hopefully it'll be a good week and I'll get a decent loss this time next week :)


MrsC said...

It's such a frustrating thing when you think you'll get a loss and nothing appears on the scales!

Good luck with the running, if you want to run to a program, you should try www.c25k.com and look at Robert Ullreys site, I use his podcast and it is excellent!

Sara said...

Thanks for the link! I was afraid "c25k" stood for "See 25 kilometres" and thought "there's no way in hell I'm ever running 25k, so was pleasantly surprised when I saw you're only supposed to get to 5 :D

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