Week 15 WI

Yes! Last week was a great week, and it showed on the scales :)
I stuck to points every single day, clocked up 22 activity points - which I didn't use - and could feel my clothes getting looser, so am really pleased it has resulted in a nice loss.

So, the results for week 15 are:
Loss this week: -1.5 kg/-3.3 lbs
Total loss: -9.8 kg/-21.6 lbs

Woohoo! On top of this good result, I also got my 3rd silver 7. It took me 2 weeks to get the first, 4 to get the second and 8 to get this one, so I am determined to get the next one in 4 weeks again.

Also, this means I have some nice little goals to look forward to in the coming weeks, namely to get my first 10kg off by next WI as well as my 10%, if not next WI, then the one after. I'm aiming for 0.7kg loss which would take me to just 0.1kg away from 10% loss. Also, next WI I should pass the 1/4 way mark: 10 down, 30 to go!

I wanted to have a visual of my progress, so made this chart:
The red line is my goal, the blue line my losses plotted against weeks... Hope to see that line going firmly down over the next few weeks :)


wildeone said...

great loss! Well done you!

Joy said...

Brilliant stuff, am cheering you on for that 10%!

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