Week 12 WI

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially when it concerns me... but I have to be brutally honest and share with you the results of this week's weigh in:

Week 12 gain: +1 kg / +2.2 lb
Total loss: -7.8 kg / -17.2 lb

I pointed everything and was a total of 70 points over for the week, so I can't say I didn't see that one coming.
Nevertheless, I was hoping for a miracle... so still quite disappointed.

Getting back on track today. Having lunch out every day this week so I hope I can handle it... If I can stay away from the nuts and crisps and wine it'll already be a start.


wildeone said...

Maybe pan some light suppers for the evenings!

x x

Bryher Hill said...

lol 70 points? Well done! Hope you enjoyed it :o)

Sometimes I go over and I don't dare point it as I'm sure it is going to be terrible.

Hope you get on well this week, if you stick to your points all should be fine :o)

spyfox said...

i love cashew nuts and peanuts and wine :) they don't love me (combined with the scales) though LOL bleh

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