Week 16 WI

Well, I was just going to skip this one, as I am completely gutted by the result of a week of sticking to points and walking 3 miles a day: I gained back a third of what I'd lost last week.

So unfair, but there you go...

Anyway, this week's results are therefore:

Gain this week: +0.5 kg/+1.1 lbs
Total loss: -9.3 kg/-20.5 lbs

So much for my 10 kg and 10%... but I'm determined to get them over the next couple of WI's. I also have the impression I get bloated at Anne's... no idea why this is, but my fingers are all puffy and I could well be retaining water which would explain why I gained. Maybe the floor heating? Hmm.

Despite the gain, I did have a minor NSV: my size 22 trousers are getting way too big for me, and I tried on one of my old size 20 trousers and it fit :) So I must be doing something right!

Oh, and I got a haircut this week at Toni & Guy - first time in 8 months!... feel so much better :)
Here's a quick shot of it :)

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Bryher Hill said...

Never mind about the gain - it happens to all of us! Your hair looks lovely :o)

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