Week 14 WI

Well, I kinda cheated for this weigh in. I refused to believe what I saw on the scales yesterday, I was retaining water, my fingers were all puffy, and I really didn't want to register a gain for the past week, so I weighed again this morning with a much better - and more realistic - result.
I guess I'll find out next week if I was right to do it or not...

So, weekle results are:
Loss this week: -0.5 kg/-1.1 lbs
Total loss: -8.3 kg/-18.3 lbs

I'm basically still where I was 4 weeks ago, which is slightly demotivating, but I'm determined to get it going down again.
I'm walking an hour every day, which has to count for something, and I am determined to stick to points this week.

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