Week 13 WI

I'm almost a full week late posting my weigh in results for week 13, but it wasn't much to write home about as I had a stand still. At least according to Anne's scales.

So, results for week 13 are:
Loss: 0 kg / 0 lbs
Total loss: -7.8 kg / -17.2 lb

In the meantime, and more importantly, I have arrived in London and have completed the first week of my course, so I'll be posting a bit about that in a few minutes.

I've been walking to the course every morning and walking home every evening, it's a 30 minute walk one way, so I'm really pleased with all the extra exercise I'm getting. And Bart was just over to visit this weekend and we've been walking all over London, at least 2 hours a day yesterday and today. Which just about makes up for the afternoon teas at Costa's :p

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Chaneluk said...

Hope your enjoying London, the weather has been so nice this weekend.

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