Happy to report...

I am really happy to report that I have managed to stick to my points so far this week!
I'm back in Brussels for the weekend and peeked at the scales this morning, and it seems I'm down 1.3 kg / 3 lbs from Monday, so I'm guessing Anne's scales - which I've been weighing in on for the past 2 weeks - are slightly higher than mine. Very good news :)

I'm really enjoying London, and am starting to find my way around Sainsbury's and M&S for lunch and dinner... have discovered the "count on us" and "be good to yourself" ranges and really enjoying trying new things and finding the healthy options out there - so much more choice and variety than here in Belgium!

For lunch I usually have either a healthy choice tortilla or some sushi or some chicken tikka bits from Sainsbury's, with a huge portion of fruit - mango chunks are my favourite! That sees me through to the evenings, and if I am peckish in the afternoon I can buy a banana or an Alpen bar at the school cafeteria - which is great :)

It does make me realise how little options I had up till now at work - if I was hungry in the afternoon and hadn't thought of bringing something with me, all I had to choose from were Mars bars (bleh!), M&Ms (yum, unfortunately), a bag of crisps and other similar niceties... I seems society in general doesn't really help people make healthy choices. TV ads are always for the foods you can't eat, or else for the "miracle" products promising to make you thin (usually also full of stuff you don't want to be putting in your body, like aspartam). And vending machines are full of high calorie, low filling snacks.

If there was a fruit vendor on every street corner instead of a newspaper stall full of crap, we'd be healthier people, I figure.

Anyway, on this rant, I'm off to enjoy the rest of the weekend and will report in after WI on Monday :)
Have a great weekend!

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