Week 8 WI


I gained this week, which isn't surprising seeing as I went over points 4 days out of 7.
So I guess I didn't do too bad. It's the first gain since I started, and after 7 weeks losing it's a bit disappointing, but I mustn't give up.

So, the results are:

Gain week 8: +0.2 kg / +0.4 lb
Total loss: 7.0 kg / 15.4 lb

I still don't know why I derailed. I just felt really peckish all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and ended up snacking all evening. Well, I know it's due to the fact I went out for lunch with my colleagues every day last week, and used up most of my points over lunch. I can't survive on 3 points from 2pm on.

So, this week: less eating out and more filling foods. It's back to soup for me...

Hope everyone else has a good week.


Chaneluk said...

Never mind on your gain as long as you get back on it don't worry. You will have that gain off in no time, Chanel xx

boredeasily said...

Aah see I was wondering why there were no posts this past week. I was wondering if you were doing what I tend to do, and avoid documenting the downs...or maybe you were just busy! Well if it's any consolation I'm in the same situation as you...a small gain this week. But hey this is the last time we get rid of this weight right? Forgive and forget, and new efforts tomorrow :) Remember how good it feels to get in to the flow of a steady weightloss again.

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