Week 9 WI

Wow, can't believe it's been 9 weeks already (can't believe I've kept it up for 9 weeks!).

Well, luckily the results this week were much better than last week:

Week 9 loss: -1.0 kg / -2.2 lb
Total loss: -8.0 kg / -17.6 lb

I still don't feel like I'm completely on top of things this week, with a couple of slip ups in the evenings, sending me just over points for the day - damn Hob Nobs!
But I'm definitely doing better than last week, which is a relief.

I'd really like to lose another 2.6 kg this month so I get my 10%... fingers crossed!
And I'm getting back on the bike this afternoon, which I have been ignoring for the past 2 weeks (that is so bad of me!).

Hope everyone else has a good week!


Chaneluk said...

Well done on your loss Sara :0)

Mandy said...

Good loss hun, well done. Willing you to get to you 10% :O) xox

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