Week 10 WI

I was good all week and Saturday morning I peeked at the scales and had a 0.8 kg loss...
So I am a bit disappointed, as this morning my scales only show 0.2 kg off since last Monday. Oh well, it'll be the big dinner at the in-laws last night still stuck inside somewhere.

So, results so far:
Week 10 loss: -0.2 kg / -0.4 lb
Total loss: -8.2 kg / -18.1 lb

I am absolutely nowhere on the activity front, unless balancing a PC on my belly for 12 hours a day counts as activity, lol. So I really need to get back on the exercise bike this week.

Hope everyone else had a great week and is slowly but surely getting closer to goal.

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Joy said...

A loss is a loss *repeat ad nauseam*

It'll show next week, just got to carry on as you have been. =) xx

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