Website creation

I really enjoy messing around with html code - does that make me a geek? lol! - so when a friend of Bart's mentioned he needed a website for his new Wedding Planner business, I proposed to give it a shot.

So yesterday, with the whole day off work, I set about finding a good (free) WYSIWYG editor and created a few pages, tweaking the result directly in html so I had at least the impression I'd actually done some of it myself :D

I'm quite pleased with the result, and so is the friend in question.
I should add that I don't think black is particularly fitting for a wedding planner site, but this was the briefing I was given, and the site had to be in line with the white on black logo

Still a day or so work to finish all the pages and get to the final version, which I'm looking forward to doing over the next week.

I would really like to look into a web design course when I get back from London. Even if I only make a couple of small websites, it'll be a nice skill to have.


Fat4Now said...

You will have Microsoft on the phone headhunting you within the year :)

Sara said...

lol, Paul, I don't think so :D

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