Things I've done (and some I haven't)

Survived my parents' divorce; taught myself about lung cancer when my father got ill; saved my couple after infidelity; wanted to write a book collecting experiences with infidelity; wanted to organise concerts for rock bands on myspace; taught myself to cook; passed my driver's licence at 27; took yoga lessons; studied black & white photography in evening classes; studied graphic design in evening classes; wrote a newspaper with my best friends, The Mary Rose, when I was 8; organised all our travels, to Thailand, New Zealand, Greece, Dominican Republic, Malta; learnt to speak French and Dutch; worked as a barmaid on an international train; spent 3 months in Paris; taught English to 2 Japanese kids; translated movie subtitles; went canyoning, rafting, scuba diving, horse riding; started my PADI training; took macrobiotic cooking classes; got a bikini wax; gave a training to my fellow colleagues; designed christmas cards; sold photos on the internet; taught myself html and built a website; made myspace layouts for several friends; designed a CD cover for my boyfriend's band; organised a road trip through France with a friend; started a blog; busy organising my wedding; organised a New Year's Eve party for 30 people with celebrations every hour for each different country passing into the new year; played volleyball; tried - and loved - speleology; learnt to make sushi; learnt about wine and did wine tastings...

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