My Scanner Daybook - March 30th

March 30th, 18:20

Sunday morning art workshops

A few days ago, a friend came over for dinner and we were discussing how little time we have to be creative, so I suggested we start our own art workshop. The idea would be to get together among girls - with any of our friends who would be interested in joining - at a fixed time every week. Sunday morning sounded ideal (except the getting out of bed part).

Hot chocolate and warm croissants from the bakery across the street.
We'd get together at my place around 10 a.m. and one of us (maybe in turn) would bring supplies and a "briefing". So, each week we'd make something new.

For example:

  • Everyone brings a few of their favourite pictures. Someone brings different coloured papers, glue, glitter and stickers. Everyone makes a scrapbook page for their pictures.
  • Sketching the view over the city
  • Making jewellery using beads and string (I've got plenty left over...)
  • A writing session on a particular theme
  • Making a patchwork cushion cover

We could all have lunch together afterwards, each week a different salad recipe.

Maybe after a few months we could hold an exhibition to show off everything we'd made. We could invite other women our age to come and visit it, and maybe get them interested in the workshop.

We could create a blog dedicated to the workshop and post pictures. It could turn into a step-by-step guide of everything we create, so readers could reproduce things themselves.

... okay, wouldn't want it to develop any further than that, I don't think :)


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