Have another slice of pizza

How does anyone ever decide what they want to do with their life?
It seems to me it's an utterly impossible task.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to become a trainer, and 54 Google searches later, I have the name, address and credentials of some obscure academy safely tucked away in my bookmarks. Whether it will ever go any further than that is another question entirely.

In my sudden recent burst of proactivity, I also ordered a book from Amazon: "What do I do when I want to do everything?", which I'll no doubt get around to reading shortly.

So now I'm wondering, how do other people do it? Do they quickly decide on a goal, then make a detailed plan of how to get from point A to point B? Do they stick to their plan? How do they even know where to begin?

Apparently, my idea of a structured approach involves starting a blog and putting a pizza in the oven. I'm also listening to my French Rock playlist on iTunes, playing scrabulous on Facebook, updating several programmes on my computer (how does anyone resist the "There is an update available. Click here to download"?) and trying to figure out what to do with my 8 year old nephew when he comes to visit next week. Oh and then there's the wedding to plan.

I wonder if there's a market for multitasking as a profession? Or would that just make my life even more complicated than it already is? Maybe I need to do something really simple and basic, to balance out the chaos I create everywhere else in my life.

In the meantime, I think I'll have another slice of pizza.

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