Procrastination... or the art of diversification

It's not that I just lie in bed all day, comatose. I actually get up, with a long list of things I could/should do.

Well, "list" isn't exactly accurate, seeing as I rarely make lists unless things have really gotten out of control. It's more like a vague cluster of random thoughts and unspoken possibilities (put together bathroom cupboard... fill in time sheets... read book... take table down to basement... wax legs...), a seemingly endless ocean of things I vaguely believe require my attention.

So how do I manage to not only do none of the things I considered doing when I woke up this morning, but actually spend most of my day absorbed by some compelling new activity (in this case an adventure through the fascinating world of blogging, trying to discover all the cool features you can add to your blog, signing up to multiple sites, testing, debugging...)?

My life is an endless collection of similar behaviour. I always end up adding more "to dos" to my list, by embarking on some new hobby or discovering some new gimmick.

And I suppose one new thing being added automatically means something else gets left behind. I'm sure it would be cool to see a visual representation of the whole process. And how my mind actually decides what to "keep" and what to discard.
I don't think anyone would believe how many half-read books are in my bookshelf, how many hobbies I bought supplies for that are sitting in some cupboard, half used up, how many amazing plans I have spent time exploring but never actually put into practice.

So, am I really a procrastinator? Or can I actually make peace with the fact I will always take more pleasure in starting something that I will in finishing it? Can I accept that I will probably never become an expert in anything, but will continue to know a bit about everything, which -for lack of any other purpose - can always come in handy at boring dinner parties?

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