My Scanner Daybook - April 4th

Does winning the lottery count as a project? Lol.
Well, I'm trying to imagine what I would do if I did win the lottery.

I think I'd stop working the very same day.
Pay back some or all of my mortgage (depending on how much I'd won).
Go travelling. Maybe a couple of months. Pick one or two countries I want to see - Australia and New Zealand so I could squeeze in some time with my family and give them some cash ;) - rent a car, stay in nice B&Bs. Go sailing, snorkelling, trekking, take loads of pictures.

When I get back, I'd probably want to follow some interesting courses - lots of psychology, some marine biology, a few arts & crafts classes. I'd check out local art exhibitions, maybe invest in a few pieces, decorate my home.

If I really won a lot of money, I'd look into investing it by buying a couple of apartments, fixing them up and renting them out.

I'd get someone in to redo all the electricity in our place and fix all the things that are driving me wild - leaky sinks, half-finished electric jobs, doors that don't shut properly. I wouldn't do it myself, though... years of living with a DIY dad who lived in a permanent building site make me cringe at the thought of working on my own place.

I'd like to try some new activities - horse riding, hang-gliding, try to get my diving certificate again - hopefully my ears will allow it this time.

Once a week I'd get a great massage and get pampered - I'm really bad at taking care of myself, so I'd pay someone super professional to do it for me, lol.

We'd go out for cooking classes in the evenings, or to the theatre. And I'd be on the lookout for residential weekends where you can learn a new skill - massage, screenplay writing, sailing.

Eventually, I'd want to find a job, but not full-time. Maybe 3 days a week giving trainings, and a few hours volunteer counselling.

I'd obviously be planning the next holidays, maybe Mexico or Vietnam.

After a while, we might decide to sell the apartment and move to New Zealand, where I can be closer to my family. We could buy a big house there and start a B&B. I would make the website and advertise on sites targeting the British and Belgian markets, offering a "home away from home". It would be on the beach, walking distance from a small town.

Wow, just did a quick search and came across this place for sale. It would definitely do the job:

I might like to get a dog (big dog, hate those small yapping ones!) and maybe a horse.
I'd also love to have a small boat and take people out for a tour of the area. Maybe go fishing.
I could teach French in a local school for adults, I'd create a really fun class, with loads of interesting exercises. And on the last day of the semester we'd watch a good French movie and eat croissants.

I'd want to be very active, go jogging on the beach every morning - that's what the dog's for! - and I'd love to take yoga classes again and maybe become a teacher.


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