Well, first of all I have to say a biopsy is not the most pleasant experience I've ever had.
I went in yesterday so my OB/GYN could take a sample of my cervix for further analysis after my pap test came back showing grade 3 lesions.
The whole experience was pretty stressful, emotionally as well as physically.

I don't think I really believed I would have to be operated, but my doctor seemed pretty certain that there had to be "something" there for the pap test to show those results. Although the colposcopy (visual exam) didn't reveal anything alarming, according to him.

So I should know in a couple of weeks what the results are. I'm thinking this is bad timing, with work being ridiculously busy and the wedding coming up. But I guess it's more important I take the time to take care of my health.

I can't say I'm really afraid. I've read enough about cervical cancer and operations to remove pre-cancerous cells to know that usually the operation gets rid of any anomalies before they develop into cancer. Still, it's something I have no control over, something happening inside my body that's basically completely independent from me. That is a scary feeling.

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