Bored out of my mind

Yes, that is definitely the feeling.
And yet I have a "to do" list at least 3 pages long. But it's all so tedious. Budgets, invoices, plannings, call reports, briefings... it's like all the administrative nitty-gritty of the past 3 months has agglomerated (like a fluff ball that slowly forms under your bed) and has now landed on my desk with a dull thud.

Of course, the fact I've been putting off doing all these meaningless chores for weeks would explain a lot.

And when I really hate doing something, because it's just so damn stupid, repetitive and tedious, well I procrastinate in the wildest fashion.

I'm on to my 50th game of Hangman today. It's on my new iGoogle homepage. It's addictive.
I wonder if hangman can make invoices? Well, they're not making themselves, that's for sure. I keep looking to my right, to the papers that have piled up over the weeks, my "to invoice" heap. They look the same now as they did this morning. I really need to face up to the fact that if I don't actually pick them up and sort through them, they'll still be there tomorrow. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

My mind is protesting at the absolute idiocy of the tasks in front of me.

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