Week 33 WI

At last! I have managed to move in the right direction, at my personal lowest now... After 10 weeks stagnating, I am now 0.2 kg below my previous lowest, and well determined to keep moving in the right direction.
For the first time in weeks I managed to finish the week with a positive points balance, get some activity points in and lose 1.2 kg (after putting 0.7 kg back on last week after our weekend in Prague).
My goal for this week is to keep going down, no more slip ups or half-arsed attempts!

Results so far:
Loss this week: -1.2 kg / -2.6 lbs
Total loss: -12 kg / -26.5 lbs

I now have extra motivation to lose the weight, as we have been discussing starting a family, and my doctor would like me to lose another 14 kg / 30 lbs before we get started. That would get my BMI down to 28. I'm quite impatient about it, so want to see steady losses from now on to get there as quickly as possible!

Yesterday we went to the park and played some badminton, which felt great. We're going to play once a week from now on, starting this Wednesday. In September I'll be taking up yoga again with a teacher I had 5 years ago who was absolutely amazing. And I'm contemplating trying out Jillian's 30 day shred that Joy has been talking about, I found it in bits and pieces on YouTube, but I haven't quite plucked up the courage yet...
In the meantime I'm going to try walking as much as possible, which shouldn't be too difficult with the amazing weather we're having.

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